20amp Breaker on 14/2 Wire ???


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20amp Breaker on 14/2 Wire ???

I bought a pressure washer that is rated at 15amp. I have it pluged into an outlet in my garage that is also tied into other outlets and the garage lights. This is all run on 14/2 wire and was run to a 15amp breaker. Every time I would hit the trigger on the wash wand the breaker would trip and the lights would go out. Without doing to much thinking I bought a 20amp breaker and swaped out the 15amp one. Now when I press on the trigger its fine but the lights go a little dim.
I am worried I did the wrong thing. Will this over heat the wire and cause a fire?
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Yes, you did the wrong thing. Put the 15-amp breaker back, and then try to remember to turn everything else on the circuit off before using the pressure washer. Or run a new circuit. You can always use another circuit in the garage anyway.
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14 amp wire on a 20amp breaker is a fire hazard and a code violation...put that 15 amp breaker back in.

If you don't have a different circuit nearby to run that pressure washer off of, I'd suggest running a new circuit with 12-2 and using that 20amp breaker to feed it...You could then use this new circuit to run any big toys (pressure washer, table saw, etc) without worry about overloading a circuit. Just run the toys one at a time. Be sure to use a GFCI outlet on this new circuit, unless that new breaker you bought is a GFCI breaker.
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Thanks Guys

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