Receptacle Dangling - Code Violation?


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Receptacle Dangling - Code Violation?

The plumber just installed my whirlpool bathtub (backwards, of course, as the safety bar is now on the inside of the tub, not the outside, but I digress). Anyway, after he left, I found the electronic whirlpool control did not work, so I could not turn the tub motor on. I opened the trap door to get to the 110 outlet to make sure the tub motor and control were plugged in. They were plugged in but I had to reset the GFI. It now works. However, I found that the plumber had removed the receptacle box from the support stud as the two power cords from the tub would not reach where the box had been mounted. The receptacle is now suspended in air, being held by the Romex from one side and the power cords from the other. This can't be right. I live in California. Any thoughts?
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This is not right. The box must be fasten securely and the cable fastened within 8 inches of the box.
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I would say that this definatley sounds like a violation i am not up to speed with the US regs, but i wouldnt allow this even if i didnt know regs.
Was this plummer a propper contractor or just a part timer???

I would get him to fix this for free.
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Thanks for the info. I called the general and he is having it fixed.

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