Door bell question


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Door bell question

I replaced the chime in my in-laws house with one that is louder and runs longer. It told me to install a diode at the button. The doorbell works fine but the light on the button is very dim and you could barely see it in the dark while it used to be wery bright. Is the new chime just drawing more current? If so can I just buy a bigger transformer

Thanks in advance
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Larger, louder chimes often require bigger transformers. Not bigger in terms of volts, but bigger in terms of volt-amps. Doorbell transformers are typically sold in 10va, 20va, and 30va models. But I don't think this will do anything for the brightness of the light on the doorbell button, and a transformer change is only warranted if the chimes don't reliably ring well.
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By installing a diode on the button it is only seeing half the AC sine wave. The light is now running at half power, sort of like being on a dimmer.
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I guess since changing the transformer wont change anything It will just stay the way it is

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