Tackling the wiring again


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Tackling the wiring again

I posted on this once and it got so confusing that I thought it would just be better to post a clean question.

I have 7 trailers (that will use mostly lighting and washingmachines. Two trailers may use a range/oven. Heating and hot water will be provided by wood.)

The electric company is going to run one 100 amp line to the area.
I have to hook up the trailers. How should I do this?

I was thinking one main panel that split the line into a line for each trailer (since each trailer has a breaker box). I was also planning to place a meter one half the trailers.
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I'm thinking that you may need more

than a single 100 amp service. I think that with both electric ranges turned on, some lights, and a washing machine going you may end up using more than 100 amps. If the ranges are gas-fired then they'll use a lot less electricity. Throw in a stereo, computer, TV.....maybe consider larger utility service.... 200 AMP????

I'm not an electrician, so I don't know how to actually wire the service though. I'm just thinking that most single-family homes today are run with 200 amp service minimum, and 7 trailers sounds like at least that much of a load to me.
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No TVs, stereos, seldom a computer. 100 amp service is just about what everyone in Maine has (or at least those that don't live at the south/coastal areas).
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Park electrical wiring systems shall be calculated on the larger of the following.
1. 16,000 VA for ea lot
2. Calculated load based on art 550.18 for the largest home ea lot will allow

With 7 homes a demand factor of 28% shall be permitted.
Mobile home service equipment shall be rated at not less than 100A @ 120/240v

Going off the 16000 VA (if that indeed is the larger of the 2 calculations) You will need at least 131 Amps to feed the park, minimum.

16000 divided by 240V =66.66 Amps per lot
66.66 X 7 = 466.66
466.66 X 28% = 130.66 Amps
Note this is the absolute minimum by code and may not be sufficient.
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This isn't a park, it is just temporary housing until homes are built on the property.

Basically I need to know how you would go about wiring the trailers to the pole's breaker. I was thinking that each trailer's box would become a sub box of one maine breaker box I would install directly from the pole's breaker.


A = Pole with electric companies breaker box (one breaker)
B = My Main breaker box with probably 7 breakers
- = Lines
[=] = trailers

(example only shows 5 trailers but it gives the idea)

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Disregard that example the forum messed it up.
Here is a better schematic of the plan.

<img src="http://www.parkswc.com/samples/idea.jpg">
or <a href="http://www.parkswc.com/samples/idea.jpg">click here to see it</a>
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Yes, that would be the way to hook 'em up, as long as there is a main breaker, either feeding your main panel, or in your main panel. I still would stress that code must be followed, your electric company shouldn't hook up power unless the work is inspected, and the inspector shouldn't approve the work unless it meets code. Temporary or not, this applies, and the lot would fit the defenition of a mobile home park.

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