CGFI Not Tripping


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CGFI Not Tripping


I have a CGFI in the kitchen on a 20 amp service. It includes 2 outlets. I have a 3 prong tester and test my cgfi's regularly. Today I tested this cgfi in my kitchen and hit the test button on the three prong tester and it did not trip?

It still shows that it is correctly grounded, but it will not trip even when I hit the test button on the outlet.

This outlet was working correctly before. However, now the secondary outlet attached to the main, is not working at all now either?

I have heard that cgfi can go bad, is this what happend?

I did pull the cgfi outlet out and inspected the wires, all wires were secure when I lightly pulled on them.

Anyone have any ideas?
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If this GFCI receptacle used to function properly and no longer does then one of two things has occurred. Either the receptacle has gone bad, or the wiring has changed.

If nobody has done anything with the wiring then I would suspect the receptacle. Install a new one and see if the problem persists.
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Press the test button on the GFCI receptacle. That conducts a better test than your external tester does. Let us know what happens. If it doesn't trip with that test either, replace the GFCI.

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