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Newbie question


Thought I would tap some resources here for what is probably a very basic question.

I am borrowing a breaker box/panel that has a 220 plug on it. This wire then goes to a breaker box that has several 15 amp circuits and wall outlets all connected to a sheet of wood. This box allows me to tap into 220 V plugs and use 110V standard plug ins.

I am using this device to run a mess of computers for a day in a rented hall.

The 220 V breaker says 50 Amps on it.

My question is, with this 220->110 conversion that is happening, is the end result 110V with 50 Amps or does it change it to 110V at 100Amps? or 110V at 25 Amps?

The reason I ask is we go on the formula of 2 amps / computer and I do not wish to overload this circuit.

I apologize for any poor information I am giving or if my terminology is incorrect, but any assistance would be greatly apreciated.


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If feeding a 110/220 panel off a 2-pole (220) breaker, you will have 50 amps available. The wire between the feeder panel and the panel being fed must be minimum #8 AWG wire with a #10 AWG ground.

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A 50-amp 240-volt breaker can supply up to 50 computers, each using 2 amps at 120 volts.

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