two bathrooms on one 20 amp circuit


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two bathrooms on one 20 amp circuit

i am remodeling our 2nd bathroom and would like to redo the wiring , per nec i believe it is ok to have both rooms on one 20 amp dedicated circuit . is this correct and advisable? thanks for your thoughts
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No, you may not have both "rooms" on one 20-amp circuit. You have two choices for any circuit serving a bathroom receptacle:

(1) It may serve other things in the same bathroom (e.g., lights, fans), as long as it serves nothing at all outside that one bathroom.


(2) If may serve other bathroom receptacles, in this or other bathrooms, as long as it serves nothing else except bathroom receptacles (i.e., no lights, fans, etc).
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thanks john, i guess i had misinterpeted the nec. i will run a new 20 amp circuit for the 2nd bathroom - it currently is on a shared circuit with the adjoining bedroom from the original wiring when the house was built. i was hoping to save the space on the panel by sharing the circuit but it is not filled yet so its not a big deal to add the circuit. as you have said before oftentimes it it is not a lot of extra work to do it right! thanks for the reply
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Keep in mind that you can still have the lighting on the bedroom circuit as you stated and simply rewire the bathroom receps to have both rooms on the same single GFCI circuit and you will be fine.

If you are remodeling you possibly have access to both of these issues and to save wire you can feed the lighting in these bathrooms from existing circuits and simply run a new feed to the recep circuit and tie them together on GFCI and you would be fine per the NEC.

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