14/3 box fill


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14/3 box fill

Do I include and unused red of a 14/3 wire in box fill calcs?

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If it enters the box it counts.
Tom H
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Actually that is not correct.....

Art 370-16(b)(1) States:

Each conductor that orginates outside the box AND terminates or is spliced within the box shall be counted once. and each conductor that passes through the box without splice or temination shall be counted once.

Table 370-16(b) A conductor, no part of which leaves the box, shall not be counted.

So basically in your question I would assume it enters the box and you simply have capped it off....it would NOT be counted in this case.

Reason: Not passing through, Not terminated and not spliced within the box thus would not be counted for Box Fill.
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I had to comment on this one again because in another forum we are in with a renown expert on the NEC we all had this discussion...lol

The key word was "LEAVE" the box and this since the wire was entering...BUT not spliced, Terminated or Leaving the box as in passing through........98% of the inspectors said they would not count it based on how the code reads it....

So....but to be honest with you...even if you did count it you wont effect the box size......even if it did count or did not...should not be a issue with only a 14-3 entering the box.....but from experience and getting involved in this topic before....the code is open to Nit Picking on this but it is clearly a point most overlook....

1.) it is not terminated or splices...simply capped off....

2.) it does not pass through the box

so technically...now if we want to be REAL technical the majority say don't count it...but again if you did it would not effect the box selection in this situation you have posted....so count away..
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Originally Posted by ElectricalMan

1.) it is not terminated or splices...simply capped off....

OK, I gotta ask...how are you defining "terminated"? I would think capping a wire in a box would be considered terminating it.

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lol.......well in our debate and chat it was to be considered terminated to a device listed as a Yoke or Simular.

Heck I bet it could be looked at in many ways.....but since the basic understanding was even a wire that originates in the box and does not leave is not counted.......neither were wires that did not terminate and we dont deduct space for wirenuts.....lol...thus not considered terminated to anything and since it is not connected to another wire it is not spliced....

Gotta love it......now I am sure the local AHJ could determine it any way they wish......we just came to the concussion it was not considered terminated to a device nor splices to a conductor and did not pass through the box....thus no calculation...

But hey........far be it for me to write the rules....I just do by how I read it and other inspectors have agreed and a few have not....

I guess the main thing was in the question either way it would not have factored into his calculation with only (1) 14-3 entering the box.

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