exterior electrical box loose


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exterior electrical box loose

I've got an exterior light that has an electrical box recessed into the the hardiplank siding and should be flush with the siding. It looks like the box is no longer secure and the top now "leans" forward, extruding past the siding by about 3/8". How can I resecure this so the box is flush with the siding surface?
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Resecuring the Box- ElectricalMan


No problem.

I do suggest you turn the light on first and then visit your service panel and cut the power to that circuit. I suggest NO ONE to work on a live circuit for your safety and others.....besides I am a professional and I do it !

Now, you should see some mounting lugs or screws on the fixture cover plate. You will have to remove the housing ( the light assembly ) and resecure the box to the siding.

If the fixture ( light ) it still connected well to the box and only the BOX is hanging out....you will have to secure the box in the following manner...

1.) You can so a simple box change if you only have a single cable going to the box......you can buy a non-metalic wing box at your local hardware store and simply remove the old box and install the new one in it's place...

2.) You can get what we call metal flap wings....used to hold in boxes and they look like metal "h's" and you push the box back in and then insert these items to each side and then bend the middle assembly into the box and it will hold the box firmly to the siding.

Let me know what it looks like behind that fixture when you remove it and I will assist you more when I know what you are dealing with....
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Thanks for the response. It'a plastic box with one cable coming in from the switch. On the outside of the back of the box, there is a metal piece attached. Is this the metal wing you're referring to. I was wondering if I could take out the whole box and use on old work box with the flaps that hold it against the siding -- will the metal wings do the same thing?

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