Basement wiring


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Basement wiring

I'm wiring up my basement and have a few questions.

1) how do I detiremine how may recp I can put on a 20 amp circuit? I'm planing on around 12 recp and thinking about 2 seperate 20 amp circuits. (shoulld I use 15amp or 20 amp rated recpts). Is there a formula to figure this out? Is it feasable to run one 12/3 wire off of 2 breakers and split it into two circuits in the basement? (sharing a nuetral)

2) should i put my lighting circuit on a seperate breaker? 15 or 20 amp? 12 or 14 gauge wire? how many light can run off this circuit?

3) Should I install a GFI in the room? There will be a small refridgerator in the bar area.

4) I'm using metal studs, do they sell plastic bushings to run wire thru the metal studs?

5) Last question. Can anyone recomend a good comprehensive book about resdential wiring? price of the book is no concern.

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1) You can put as many receptacles as you want on a residential circuit in most places in the US. The issue is what you intend to plug into those receptacles and use at the same time. I would use 15 amp receptacles. Yes, you could use a 2 breakers and run 12/3, which is called a multiwire circuit. However, the rules for a multiwire circuit are different and I don't recommend one in your case, as they are easy to make mistakes with.

2) Whether you put your lights on a 15 amp circuit or a 20 amp circuit is up to you. I would use a separate circuit. You can run up to 1800 watts on 1 25 amp circuit, 2400 watts on a 20 amp circuit. Use the maximum size bulb for each fixture in your calculations.

3) If this is a finished basement I would not install a GFCI. However, if you have a sink then I would use GFCIs anywhere near the sink.

4) Yes.

5) Wiring Simplified.
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As Racraft said, the US has more lenient codes regarding receptacles per circuit and receptacle rating.
If you are in Canada it's a different story.

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