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I have lived in my house about 9 months. It was built in about 1953. Since January I have noticed that I have episodes of static/interference that disrupt the TV or radio. It lasts about 1-2 minutes and recurs about every 10-15 minutes. I was thinking some kind of thermostat/heater ignition??

Is there any way to trace the source? I have tried to turn off everything in my house and it is still happening. Could the source be a neighboring house? It is very annoying--loud and disables my remote while the static is present.

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Are you running a portable humidifier in the house? As the humidistat senses that the required room humidity has been reached, the switch contacts open, shutting the motor off. Often, these contacts "chatter" a bit, creating tiny arcs for a few seconds before the contacts open fully.
This was the culpret in my house, maybe yours too.
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Is this just happening in your house or do your neighbors have the problem too? Is it just certain stations or does it happen across the band? Does it happen on both FM and AM? Does it happen at that same pattern 24 hours per day or is it only during certain hours? The interference could be coming in through the electric or it could be RF related. But interference with a set pattern is a million times easier to locate than a random occurance.
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Radio interference can be caused by power line equipment as well. A loose connection that is only arcing when a load picks up could account for it's erratic behavior.
Our company has some high dollar directional radio equipment that we use when our coustomers suspect RF interference. However, our technicians usually narrow down the search initially by just putting their truck radios onto an unused AM station and driving around until the static gets bad. You could try this in your own car just to see if it exists outside of your home.
IFthe POCO IS generating it, it is their responsibility to correct it.

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