Adding an outlet to a walk-in closet? Allowed?


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Adding an outlet to a walk-in closet? Allowed?

Hi. I've been running in-wall network cable in my house and most of my rooms now have at least one ethernet port. I'd like to locate the network switch in a 5x8 walk-in closet rather than in the attic or crawlspace. I'd also like to eventually place a low-power home automation computer in there.

Do the electrical codes in central Kentucky (Lexington) permit adding an electrical outlet to a walk-in closet? If so, are there any restrictions?

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My mother's home in north Texas has an outlet in the closet that is there for the alarm panel. The house was built in 2002.

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I am not aware of any specific snapu's in regards to putting a recep. in a walkin. However, you will have to abide by the normal code requirements of grounding and supporting the conductors and so on....

But you are free to add one, It could also come under a situation where you dedicate the line to that recep. for future use like the system you talk about.

I actually do that alot in small linen closets as for some reason the trend here in my area is for a small whole house stereo system.....not the fancy hifi but a small one....and they are locating it in linen closets....go figure.

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Did the same thing

I did the same thing during a remodel this past summer. I brought all cat5e, all phone, and all coax to the closet. The inspector had no issue with the outlet there (I pointed it out to him during the rough inspection just to make sure). I put the the outlet high in the closet and installed a shelf for the cable modem, router, and a patch panel. I don't have a basement and so this alternative worked nicely. Having the router upstairs has benefits for wireless as well.

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