Motion Sensor bulb flickering when off!


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Motion Sensor bulb flickering when off!

Ive discovered that some cfl bubls work with the sensor (550 watt and under home depot about $20) and some flicker when the sensor shuts off the light. IF I use incandescent no problem or if i manually shut off the cfl no flicker.
my problem is the cfl bulb that works I found in the house with no package (lol I dont know why) so I am not sure how to buy another of that brand. All the others Cfl bulbs I have basically instead of shutting the light all the way off the light constantly flickers sort of dimly. I notice on the motion sensor package it states for use with rapid start compact flourescent bulbs only! I found some new cfl's bulbs we had at the house which stated new fast start technology. however they flicker also when the sensor tries to shut them off..

can someone tell me why they flicker and wont shuttof when the sensor shuts them down and is fast start the same as rapid start? if not where Do I find rapid start bulbs?

Any help appreciated!
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My guess is that a minute amount of current continues to flow through the bulb even though the switch is off. This is not uncommon for certain types of lighting controls. You have got one cfl that is less sensative to the current, and it stays off.
I would recommend you simply use incandescent lamps. Your extra energy used would be minor, since the lights are only on while (and shortly after) motion is detected.

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