No ground wire-nuts?


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No ground wire-nuts?

I'm replacing several receptacles and switches in my 1969 house, just to update the fixtures to be more modern looking. None of the ground wires in these original boxes were spliced with wire-nuts. They were all just twisted together, clamped to the box with the clamp screw (usually clamp is still present but not used) and connected to the device.

As i replace these,

1) Should I be wire-nutting the grounds? Was my house up to code in '69 but not now?

2) I don't want to start a debate, but my understanding is the clamp screw is ok for grounding, just not also used to secure the (even empty) clamp at the same time. Is this understanding correct? I don't really want to use ground clips.


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in 69 there was metail box and still have a screw at to back of the box that the ground wire woud be pass behind it and titen down. some electrician would slip one behind the screw and titen it down and have the extra lenght to twist tied the other ground wire and place wire a nut on them and push them in the back or just tape the ends after twisting.
but some would only twist them and push them in the back. Depending if it was 4:30 on a friday and it's pay day.
I would put wire nuts on thop of them



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