3 Way switch with 4 lights


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3 Way switch with 4 lights

I can't get my wiring figured out and need help. I eventually want three 60 watt lights for my stairwell with the fourth light at the top being a can-light. Lets just figure out how to wire two light fixtures with a switch at each end and I'll be able to add the other two lights. My source of power (14/2 wire) comes in at the switch upstairs. From the source I run a 14/3 wire. Its white runs past the switch, run the black from the source to the common terminal on the switch, the black from my 14/3 (going on to the first fixture) on the switch above the common terminal and the red goes on the single terminal side or beside that last black. My 14/3 white now goes to the white on my light fixture and the red carries on. My book shows for a single light fixture I take my 14/3 black from the first switch and add a white wire painted black to it and carry that on to the switch. The 14/3 black leaving the light carries to the last switch. How do I add a second light into this? Do I Carry on my black and white from the first light to the second light and then introduce the black to my white that's painted black at the end as I go to my last of two switches? Thanks for your help!!!
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Jimmy I tried to follow that but am a little bit buzzed right now so I will explain the easiest way I can to wire what you want.

1. You have your power at one switch box.
2. you run a 14/3 between the switch boxes
3. you will have a 14/2 from either switch box to the first light fixture box.

OK now if you have your 14/2 power and your 14/2 switched wire(to light box)
in the same box you need to wire:
1. The white(line/source) wire to the white (14/2) going up to light box.
2. The black(line/source) wire to the "common" on the 3 way switch.
3. The red and white in the 14/3 will be your "travellers" that connect to the other 2 terminals you described on the switch (at both switch locations)
4. The black from the 3 wire will get "marretted" "jointed" to the black on the 14/2 going up to the light.

Is that clear as mud?

Now if your wiring is already in place please tell us how it is wired, that way I could give you EXACT instructions. There are a couple of scenarios. If your power were to come in at one of the light boxes, it would change a little and also if your "switch leg" was in the box that did not have the power "source" the wiring instructions would be a little different. Hope this helps and I will try reading your post again later, but I am pretty sure you had it wrong. Just post if you need more help.
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Wire directly from the first light to the second light, then to the third light, etc.
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B Rad, My power comes in at one of the switches. I did find a drawing on the internet, but haven't tried it. Look here: http://www.wfu.edu/~matthews/courses...ariations.html The 4th and 6th drawings are what I think I need. All I have installed right now is power to my upstairs switch and a loose wire in my ceiling running down to my downstairs switch. The rest was left undone so I can wire it whatever way I want. I think drawing 4 would be best for multiple lights. What do you think?

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Yes, #1 is the way I like to do it. That said, #4 would obviously work fine. And after seeing those drawings and reading you first post I do understand what you were saying. So ya go with #4. Good luck!

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