Rodent wire damage.


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Question Rodent wire damage.

I have some wire damage in the craawl space from rodents. I have fixed most of it with tape and covering materials. There are a couple of places I can't get to. Is anyone familiar with a type of spray on wire insulation. It seems I remember a product like that from years ago, but can't seem to locate any.
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Closest thing I can think of to "spray on wire insulation" would be the spray on version of the rubber coating for tool handles etc.Several companies make this kind of product which is basically a spray on rubber coating in several colors.It is also available in a dip in can.I doubt it is labeled
for the use you have in mind and I'm not going to recommend it however you might take a look at it and decide for yourself.You'd obviously have to be able to completely coat the wires and again I doubt the product will say a word about this use so use at your own risk.A different product more appropriate is known as "liquid electrical tape" but I have never seen a spray version of it only a can with a brush attached to the lid for application.
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You can't fix your wire with tape. You must replace it.

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