outside grounding bx to uf cable


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outside grounding bx to uf cable

i have been tossing and gathering infomation on redoing electrical to my yard for my pond.the line ran out there now is not grounded and runs off an ac outlet fron the house.i have an unltra violet light hooked up on my pond,which is basically 2 -40 watt floresant type bulbs,and they blow out pretty quickly (50.00 a piece) and was told un grounded receptacle could cause bulb to burn quickly.plus the previous owner has this line ran like a shoe maker.im now thinking of just running 2 15 amp circuit outside from my main panel in the house.need 2 circuits in case one breaker trips the other will still be on so i have some sort of water movement for oxygenation for the fish.
is it alright to run bx from my panel to the outside of my house,then go to 12 gauge uf cable to the exterior outlets to my pond.once the bx exits my house i will have to have a exterior junctionbox or outlet box to make the transition to uf cable.i will go with outlet box for the transition ,an extra outlet is always useful.
also is it ok to run 2 uf 12ga cable in a single conduit.i have to use conduit cause of concrete,no way to bury.or do i need to run 2 seprate conduits one for each line.
im familiar with electrical and wiring,but my fear is getting it grounded properly.in ny we use bx 2 wire,and i understand the bx metal casing provides the ground.where i get confused is making sure i get the outlet box grounded right so when i ground the uf cable to the box its grounded,not un grounded like the mess it is now outside.
so basically what i need to do it run 2 circuits outside my house from the main panel which is black and white wire bx.and at the panel bx and in the house ,then make a transition to uf cable outside...thanks for all the help yous have given me already and in the future ...
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If your going to run outside the wire must be in a conduit.
BXL is bx with lead shield inside.
I would get some 14/3 wheather shield cable for outside and run it in a conduit.
then get vapour proof box and GFI outlet.

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