Help needed re: Hardwiring a Fluoro.


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Help needed re: Hardwiring a Fluoro.


I'm new so forgive me if this has been covered. How would one go about hardwiring a fluorescent light to a wall outlet?

Is there a way to splice the wiring for the light to a standard outdoor extension cord? Is there a safer way to do it (so that i can plug the light directly into the wall so to speak)

Is there a kit for this? Online information?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Is this a shop light type fixture with a three pronged plug connection, or a standard surface mount fixture. Either way, why would you want to power this light from a baseboard receptacle? Is this how you are going to turn the light on and off (plugging and unplugging?).
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It would be a shop light type fixture, and the power would be controlled by a timer, which would have the power bar/3 prong power cord plugged into it.

Is this possible? is it feasable? is it safe?

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I didn't detect an answer to Scott's first question in your reply. Most shop lights come with a regular plug. You can plug that plug into an extension cord and plug the extension cord into a receptacle. But it would still be better to install a receptacle on the ceiling.
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Sorry, there is no 3 pronged plug extension, simply wires to hardwire it into the house. I'm looking to be able to adapt the wires on the light to be able to use a regular extension cord. Is there a conversion kit for this?
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It is against code and dangerous to use an extension cord in place of permanent wiring. If this is for a permanent installation in your house then you need to wire a direct connection connection for the light.

If this is for a temporary setup then I strongly recommend that you go and purchase a light that has a cord already attached, and is designed to be powered that way.

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