3 GFCI in series


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3 GFCI in series

I need to run a seperate 12-2 wire to each of 3 GFCI receptacles, and join them in a box with another wire to the main breaker box (old house, actually easier this way then trying to join them in series.)

Does the wire to each GFCI device go to the Line terminals?
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The wires on the line terminals must be the only wire between the panel and the receptacle. It sounds pretty much like the GFCI receps are not feeding any other recep's which are downstream from them. Feeding downstream recep's is the purpose of the "load" terminals. So I if I understand your post correctly, yes, wires go on the line terminals.

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hmm..why not just do the exact thing you said and simply use a GFCI breaker in the panel and then only have to use 50 cent receptables and the entire circuit is GFCI rather than buying 3 GFCI receps....

I might have missed something and I think I am thinking this way because I have a truck load of extra GFCI breakers...lol

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