Spa without a GFI?

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Spa without a GFI?

I seem to recall a spa, way back when 10+ years that was wired without a GFI. I also recall a spa that had a built in GFI. I am remembering the spa without a GFI corectly? Or was somebody playing with fire? What is the code? GFI within site, and no closer than 'X' feet? Yes, of course I'm using a GFI.

Thanks in advance

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Yes, I believe years ago the NEC was a bit lacking on the GFCI requirements for Spas and so on but it has since become a major issue and is covered great now.

The actual difference in the styles would be a cord and plug for a 20A style and some have what we call packaged spas which have a circuit board design and are hard wired. Most of the ones I deal with today are the latter.

1999 NEC says ( 680-42) requires it to be GFCI.

The within sight and so on refers to receptables that may be near the SPA and are covered in (680-40 (a)(2) with regards to GFCI but in the question I also remember long ago a few spas that did not have GFCI BUT they were on cord and small 20A models and we would most certainly plug them into a full GFCI recept.....

just so you know any recep on the property needs to be atleast 5 feet from the inside wall of the hot tub/spa measured horizontal and and today one needs to be atleast 10 feet from the spa/tub...and on GFCI as well.

Check out Article 680-41(a) for all the skinny on receps and so on with spas and hottubs.

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