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I will be rewiring my home in the near future. I have a 200amp panel but the service was not upgraded from the pole or to the box. I will be hiring an electrician for this. The rest I would like to do myself. The problems I plan on fixing are circuits too large/not enough of them, aluminum wire, not enough outlets, some outlets grounded some not, some grounded outlets not properly grounded, and no GFCI outlets. I do not have any prior experience. My question is can anyone recommend the best (preferably all inclusive) information source? Books, websites, etc. This forum has been and certainly will be very useful. But can be difficult finding answers w/o waiting for responses. Thanks for any help!
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Check out Wiring a House by Rex Cauldwell.
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First off, you are right to have an electrician upgrade your service.

Once the service is done, take your time to assess each problem one at a time. I use the saying "plan your work and then work your plan". Identify the existing circuitry in your home. Create a panel schedule or map of the devices on each circuit, the breaker amperage size, and the conductor gauge.

Review the logistics of wiring in your home, do you have access to an attic, unfinished basement, will your new branch circuits be old work (fished in walls) or are you opening the walls up?

You will get plenty of help from the users in this forum if the questions are detailed and specific for the certain task(s) your are undertaking.

I find the book "House Wiring Simplified" to be educating for first time DIY'ers.

Don't be afraid to ask any questions no matter how stupid you may think they are. Plan on applying for an electrical permit in your city/town, most wiring inspectors are very helpful.

Good luck!
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I really dont have a book per say I can suggest but the one John posted seems like it would be fine.

I do have a suggestion however, Check to see if in your area you have a Vocational School and visit it and talk to the instructor of the electricity class and you will be shocked to find sometimes a standout student can assist you for work experience.

I happen to know back when I was in school ( i grew up in a electrical family ) I was already a licensed journmeyman in my senior year of high school because I won a national vica contest and the locality let me take the state electrical exam early and so on...but enough about point was you never know a student may be able to help you....NOW for all those who say..I would never let a student help...remember he is doing it himself and has NO electrical experience...heck take a FREE students help anytime.

I know because I was a instructor for 2 years some time ago and I had stand out students who would LOVE to assist..... what you can and again do not be afraid to ask...residential wiring is not brain surgery but you need to know the basics and know when you are over your head on a certain task.

On your service...funny because in our area ( virginia ) the utility company takes care of everything all the way to the meter if you have a 200A panel which is rare I would think on a older home with Aluminum wire in it...regardless the upgrade might not be too I dont mean you try that but basically unless you have a MONSTER house the 200A panel should be all you need.
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Thanks for the tips and suggestion. That book is on its way. I will keep the student idea in mind. Just bought the house though and kinda want to go it alone. Little bit at a time. I actually work for the utility at a generation plant. Some what new so have not befriended any electricians that work for beer. The utility is responsible from the poll to the house. I will be responsible for the rest. I should be getting quotes soon. Any idea what I can expect?

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