Old house wiring


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Old house wiring

I was asked to put a GFI receptacle in our new nursery at church. This section of our church is an older section. There was two horizontal braces in the wall about 24" apart. They are in all this wall. The other side of the wall, was heavy tongue and groove wooden paneling. The wooden paneling was about 12" in width. The braces were there to nail the paneling to (I guess). I finally managed to get the wire in by drilling a 3/4" hole by using a 3' extension on my paddel wood bit. I was just wondering, how some of you "old hands" would have handled this.
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If wiremold wasn't an option probably the same way you did. Did you drill up into the wall from the floor below or down from the top?

What was the GFI for and the height it was mounted at?
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Unless you are a licensed electrician, I would stop and go no further.

Churches are not residential buildings, and have very different codes. It is likely not legal for you to do this work, and you are opening yourself up in regards to liability if something goes wrong.
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Old house wiring

I drilled the hole down from the attic. It is approximately five foot off the floor (I had the dodge the horizontal piece). It is above a sink with a cabinet that covered the whole wall. I am working under a licensed electrictian.
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I would say without seeing it you did fine. The code does have some different issues when it comes to places of assembly and so on but basically if you are working under a electrician then I am sure he/she informed you of the proper cable to use and so on.

The only real options are fish into the wall from above or from below by drilling into the cavity.....probably could have drilled into the space under the sink and but a junction and then fished up as well since it was going to be on GFCI but sounds like you did fine.

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