wiring simplified


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wiring simplified

john, i ordered wiring simplified from amazon,the larger home depot didnt have it either and i asked the workers and they looked at me like i had 2 heads..lol... anyways picked up there wiring 123 and will be readfing it over weekend....
my question is do you know if ritcher is the author of the book,im hoping so,and also amazon had a 1999 version and a 2002 version,so i figured the 2002 version is the newest one within the NEC....thanks again for you help and advice....george
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If you are refering to the newest NEC they are actually out now with the 2005 version. However, it really depends on what version your state and locality are adopting right now. A call down to your inspections office would be able to tell you which version they are observing right now.
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electrical man,im referring to a book availible at homedepot..im just not able to locate it at my local stores here so i ordered it from amazon.com....i just wanted to make sure i ordered the right one.....i think the book is written to specs of the 2002 NEC...im sure john will know exactly when he drops by the forum,but thanks electicalman for reading and replying....george
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