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Question In wall air conditioner

I put on a addition and have rough framed in for a in wall air conditioner. I need to run the rough in electric to it. The opening is 28" wide and 18" high and approx. 5 foot off the floor. Where in the opening should run the wire to. Most of articles I have read say to make sure you have a outlet near by but I don't want cords exposed and would like to have the electric concealed.
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Basically it really depends on the Air Conditioner itself.

1.) Is it a hard wired model or a cord model?

If it is hard wired then no worries as the manual for the AC unit should tell you where to put the supply wires for it.

If it is a cord model you really should have a box installed near it that would allow the cord to reach it.

I am not overly familiar with AC units in walls....but as a Electrician...I would only have the two options above....and it would depend on the unit I am installing.

Kinda need more information on the AC unit you are puttin in.
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Id say get the AC unit so you know what you have to do. Are go look at the one you want and find out what plug it will need wire size and breaker. Now if you try to hard wire it to the unit dont try and come up from the bottom .As they use the whole bottom of the AC as a drain pan. Also if its a slip out you dont want to hard wire it. Id just put the plug right under the sill for it in the center and tie the cord for it up.

My .02 cents

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lol...just dont mount the recep UNDER the unit if it does have a bottom pan.....usually we would mount it to the side but I would say yes...get the unit first so you know how to size it and so on.
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In the wall units are available from from Maytag, Fedders, Friedrich, GE, and others. All seem to come with a short (less than 4' ) cord, so mount a receptacle just off to one side. Also, choose your unit FIRST. Depending on how many BTU you want, and especially if you choose a heat/cool model, you may need a 220 circuit of 15 amps or even larger.
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Yes you need the unit, how did you know how to size the hole? Most, maybe all through the wall units I have seen have the cord coming out on the left side, near the bottom

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