Master Bath Redo


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Master Bath Redo

We are combining our small master bath with an ajacent bedroom. We have a 20 amp GFI circuit and a 15 amp for lighting and outlets. This should take care of the basic wiring.

My question deals with the new heated floor we plan to install under the tile. The manufacturer calls for a dedicated 15amp circuit. The room is a long way from the breaker panel so running a new circuit would be a bunch of work. The space under the new bath is a utility room where there is a 10/2 romex 30 amp circuit for the old electric water heater. We use gas now.

1) Can I use this circuit in some way to create the dedicated circuit for my heated floor?

2) We want to put an exterior outlet in while we have the walls open. Should we use the standard 15 amp circuit or the GFI?

3) Since this is a bath, should the lights be on GFI too? It was not wired that way originally.

Thanks for your help.
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Yes, you could use the 10/2 wire for a dedicated circuit for the heat, as long as it contains a ground, which it most likely does since it was for the water heater. You need to replace the breaker with a 120 breaker and modify the wiring.

The 20 amp circuit that serves the bathroom can serve nothing else, except possibly the light in the bathroom. It cannot serve the outside receptacle or the bedroom in any way. If you do put the bathroom lights on the same circuit as the bathroom receptacle, I would not have the light GFCI protected.

The outside receptacle could be part of the bedroom circuit, but it must be GFCI protected.
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Thanks Bob,

There is a ground, white and black. So, I will rewier the breaker with a 120. Should I get a 15,20 or 30 amp breaker? If I choose a smaller breaker can I splice off the 10/2 with 12? I will have to splice at the old water heater. Its out in the open.

Thanks for your help.
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Replace the 30-amp double-pole breaker with a 20-amp single-pole breaker (you'll have to fill the extra space either with a spare breaker or with a filler plate). Move the white wire off the breaker and onto the neutral bus with the other white wires. Once you put the 20-amp breaker in, you can extend the circuit with #12.
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Thanks John. Perfect

Have you or any others listening in used inline bath fans. We found Fantech that has a combination light and vent where you can have two vents and one fan. We like the clean look. Seems better than a fan and another light.

You guys are electric


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