Electrical Outlet behind cabinet


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Electrical Outlet behind cabinet

Is it permissible by code to put a new permanent kitchen cabinet in front of an electrical outlet without cutting a hole in the cabinet to provide access to the outlet? (the outlet will not be usable)
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No you should not cover up a recep or junction box in this manner. Please review Article 370-29 of the NEC. If the cabinet is going to be permanent mounted as part of the building then it should not cover the rececp or junction box in this case since you do not plan to use it as a outlet any longer.

" " Conduit Bodies, Junction, pull, and outlet boxes shall be installed so that the wiring contained in them can be rendered accessible without removing any part of the building " and it goes on about underground wiring as well and labeled boxes for ground excavation and so on...
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Wow! They must have changed the codes after the early 70's. Or an inspection was never really done. The previous owners of our house put on an addition which is now the kitchen and a rec room. We recently put in new kitchen cabinets and found 2 receptacles behind the base cabinets. Must be that they couldn't decide where to put the dishwasher, which they never did put in. We utilized one with a dishwasher and put a cabinet back in front of the other. Oops.
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lol.....well the code is actually the code and only the code...what home owners do after that is why you see things like what you experienced happen.

In all my years I have seen some things that I go..man why did they do that but in the end the CODE is something us electricians work off of in new construction and remodeling but once we leave, once the job is done...who knows what the home owners do....

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