switch wiring


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switch wiring

I'm going to install a double box to house two switches (one controls an outlet, and the other controls a ceiling light)
I tapped into a junction box and ran the wire to the new box for power. I then ran two seperate wires (one to the outlet, and one to the ceiling box)
How do I configure the wires in the new double box. A simple diagram would be helpful. Thanks.
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First of all, make sure that the junction box you typed into can be extended. To do so it must be not in a kitchen, laundry room or bathroom, and must be a properly grounded circuit. Finally, it must contain both a hot wires and a neutral in addition to the ground wire.

From the existing junction box you use 12-2 with ground or 14-2 with ground (based on the circuit breaker size and existing wiring) to the new box.

At the new box connect the black (hot) wire to one side of each switch. It doesn't matter to which side of each switch. This probably requires a wire nut and a pigtail.

Connect the black wire that is to go to the receptacle to the other side of one switch.

Connect the black wire that is to go to the light to the other side of the other switch.

Connect the white wires together with a wire nut.

Connect the ground wires together with a wire nut. Also connect to the ground screws on each switch and to the box (if metal).

At the receptacle and at the light connect as normal.

Do not use the backstab connections on the switches or the receptacle, but rather use the screw terminals. The backstabs have a tendency to fail. Do not put more than one wire under a screw.
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Not sure I can diagram it for ya but I can tell you how to actually wire it...lol

Also assuming you are using a Plastic Box......

1.) In the box you should have (1) 14/2 Romex feeding the box.
2.) You should have (1) 14/2 Romex from the box to the light box.
3.) You should have (1) 14/3 Romex from the box to the recep.
* The reason I say 14/3 is because I would assume you want a half switched and half hot recep. If you dont then 14/2 is fine.

I will assume you know how to hook up the recep in terms of the white wire to the silver screw and black to the copper screw.

OK..in the box.......you need to take the black wire you feed into the box from the junction box and attach (2) 6" pigtails ( black as well) to it so you have (2) wires wirenutted and spliced to the one hot from the junction box to make (2) hots now in the new 2 gang.

* If you ran 14-3w/g to the recep then in the switch box you are also going to need to add the black wire to the hot splice above to give you a constant hot to the recep....

Now take all the whites ( neutral wires ) and splice them together and tuck them neatly into the back of the box.

Now take the ground wires ( should be 3 entering the box )...Tie them together with a wirenut and with 2 pig tails off the splice just like you did with the hots above.

Now hook the bare wires to the green ground screw on the switches...one wire per switch from the pigtails you made earlier ( make sure you make a hook on the end of those bares and attach them to the ground screws in a clockwise direction....I see so many who dont do that...) Also if you are using a metal 2 gang box you will need a pigtail to the box as well......but not needed if a platic box....

OK now....you need to strip off the black wires you have from the (2) pigtails you did above....and make a hook on them just like you did the ground wires...and now take one of the hot pig tails to one of the screws on the single gang switch...and do the same with the other black pigtail Hot to the second switch...( one pigtail HOT per switch )

OK...now.....with one switch take the BLACK wire from the light wire you ran and strip it and hook it as you did before and go to one of the switches and again remember do it clockwise around the screw....Dont Backstab...

Ok...now depending on if you ran 14/3 or 14/2 to the recep. you will need to read this carefully...

1.) If you ran 14/3 then you tied the BLACK wire from the recep to the switch box in with the HOTS pigtailed above...so you have HOT all the time at the recep...so that would mean you need to take the RED wire from that cable to the remaining switch in the same manner we described above...

2.) If you only ran 14/2 to the recep from the switch box then you simply need to take the black wire in that run you did to the recep. to the remaining single pole switch........

NOTE: If you did run 14/3 to the receptacle...be sure you remove the tab that bridges the COPPER screws together on the receptacle.....so that when you hook the red to the top screw...it will control only the top and when you take the black to the bottom you have a HOT all the time socket as well.

DO NOT break the tab on the neutral side ( silver screws and on th left if looking at the recep. from the front...just in case you are confused )

neatly push the wires back in the box...being careful ....I am sure you can take it from here...

OK....Now you should have (2) single pole switches....

Am I long winded or WHAT......lol
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Thanks for the great explaination, I'll tackle it tonight!

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