come home to headache


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come home to headache

i just came home to my living ceiling with a large crack,caused by an idiot contractor,that ran a 12footwide ceiling with 2x4 joist.i used to have 10 foot ceiling there and when i had house redone 18 months ago,i went to 8 foot ceiling.well now i know why it was framed and sheetrocked in 6 hours while i was at work.guy ran 12 foot 2x4 joist and suspenion wires to my original 2x8 joist.well wires snapped and ceiling buckled.
problem now is i am going to sheet rock to the 10 ceiling height again,but the electrician has my 4 kitchen lines run above the 8 foot ceiling,in the 2 foot space between old and new ceiling.
the 4 lines are....1-3 kitchen counter outlets 2-refrigarator 3-microwave 4-6high hats
is it alright for my to run 4 junction boxes so i can get the bx up into the attic,cause i will be doing away with 2 foot space bewteen ceiling.these 4 lines are running from panel with no junction boxes.
also i might have to run two junction boxes on each line ,not sure if i have enough original bx slack to make up the 2 feet height .
im confident in putting in the junctions boxes,just want to make sure im not messing up my electric,thats about the only thing that was done right in the renovation.and i will have eccess to these junction boxes in my attic.....thanks for the help...
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As long as the junction boxes are permanently accessible, you can add them. You almost certainly will not have enough slack, so you're going to need the two box approach and some extra cable. Be sure to make most excellent connections.
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i will thanks john...i just pulled the u nails that were holding the bc to joists and temperoliy attached bx to old ceiling with some wire,incase ceiling falls down completely i dont want any tuggging on my wires...
john if you read this my area hd has the junction boxes with the clamps on the inside to hold the bx cable,and they also have the ones you use the connectors with the lock one type better or does it make a differnce....i want to go the best route even if it takes a few extra minutes to use the lock nut connector type.....thanks again

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