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Question Subpanel Question?

I have a subpanel in my newly purchased 60's era house that I wanted to add a new curcuit into. The subpanel looks pretty new and appears to have been installed by an electrician by how neatly it is wired. It is located right next to the main panel, which is an old fuse type box.

My question is in regards to the ground and neutral wires in the sub-panel. The wires from the main fuse box is black, red, white(neutral). The ground wire is cut off at both ends and not connected at either the sub or main panel. The two power lines(going into the sub)are connected and the neutral is connected to the ground bar which is also bonded to the metal box.

Other posts on this forum state that this is not the correct way to wire a sub-panel. Shouldn't there be a seperate neutral bar that should be isolated from the ground bar in a sub-panel? Is this wiring OK or should I install a seperate ground bar to isolate the grounds and neutrals in this sub-panel? Thanks in advance. By the way I am wanting to add a 240 line from this sub-panel to power an electric stove. Replacing an old worn out gas stove.
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You are correct. If this is a sub panel then you should have a separate ground bar and the neutral bar should be isolated from the ground bar.
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I would run a bare #6 copper ground wire to your water main, within 5-feet from its entrance into the home. I would run a length of this from the ground bus in your main panel to a ground bus in your sub-panel. And yes, the netral bus is required to be isolated from ground, and you must remove the bonding screw from the netral bus that screws into the metal enclosure.

I'm curious, I've had both and I prefer cooking with gas. Plus electric ranges are costly to operate. Gas is cheaper. Just my $0.02.


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