Inspection Tomorrow


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Inspection Tomorrow

Hi all,

My apology if this has been brought up in the past by people in situations similar to mine.

I have my first electrical inspection tomorrow on our basement project in our new house. I feel I've been VERY through following the codes for my area (Minnesota) and have done my best to keep everything neat and professional. We ran 3 new circuits total, 1 arch-fault and 2 15amps. Lots of can lights and lots of switches, etc.

I was hoping to get any last minute tips. I've heard many times that inspectors are a bit more picky when it comes to home owners doing the work themselves - true or not, I just want to make sure I pass. Any helpful inspectors or pros out there that know any last minute tips for a hard working home owner? Anyone know the most common errors people do so I can check to make sure I'm not in the club?

Any advice would be great!
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Have been through this myself as a diy'er. First time is the hardest. But don't sweat it, it's not like a college entrance exam, if you botch it you can fix it and try again. The inspector may be intimidating, but remember, he's there to perform a service *for you* as well, ignore him if he gets all self-righteous. If you have problems they'll be noted specifically, address them, then call for another inspection, no big deal. Look at it this way: you WANT him to find problems if they exist, because you don't want to live in a house with faulty wiring. In fact, tell him that's how you see it, and you two may become friends.

By your second time, you'll have learned any "tricks", which are typically local details that may not be covered by national code and very few but the pros and inspectors know about. For example, you may or may not be required to tie grounds and/or neutrals before the rough inspection.

Tips: neatness counts, you'll earn "brownie points" if the workarea is clean and tidy, no furniture/appliances in the way, everything easily visible at a glance, wires are neatly dressed into their boxes, cables are labelled (optional OCD step, white elec tape with perm marker), centerlines marked on studs for boxes with symbol for planned device (outlet, switch, lamp, gfci). None of that is required by code (that I'm aware of) but gives the appearance of meticulous work.

Good luck!
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Inspectors come in all dispositions. Just be friendly and cooperative and you should be fine. Unless the inspector is chatty, keep quiet and let him work. Act like you really want his help. If he finds something wrong, don't ask why it's wrong and look like you're trying to get out of fixing it, but rather act interested in the problem and interested in fixing it properly. Try to get NEC article numbers for any infractions he finds, not so that you can check up on him, but so that you can fully understand what needs to be done.

Expect at least one notation. Nobody is perfect.
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Good tips guys, thank you for your time. I'll post back my results tomorrow (if I'm not too embarassed )
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Just wanted to follow up as I mentioned - I did pass my inspection. Thanks to the tips and all the posts I learned from on this site which helped A LOT!

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