Subpanel/feeder cable Question


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Subpanel/feeder cable Question

I apologize in advance if these are "stupid" questions, I have a basic knowledge of wiring, but I am not familiar with all the "details" of the NEC.

A friend gave me a brand new 60A 6-pos Square-D panel and some wire he didn't need. I would like to put the panel in my basement so it can be finished off. My questions are:

The panel is really an outdoor rated panel that has a door that opens upward. Is there anything in the code that says this panel can't be used indoors?

The wire he gave me is something he called "range wire" or "stove wire" or something like that. It is labeled as NM-B 6/3 with Ground. It is copper and the ground wire isn't a #6, but smaller, like around a #10 or so. Can I use this wire to feed this panel?

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Yes, you can use this panel indoors.

Something labeled NM-B is not range or stove wire.

Yes, you can use 6/3 NM-B to feed the subpanel. Use a double-pole 60-amp (or less) breaker in the main panel. Keep the neutrals and grounding wires isolated in the subpanel.

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