GFCI & AFCI both w/ a jacuzzi tub?


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GFCI & AFCI both w/ a jacuzzi tub?

I live in New Jersey, AFCIs not required yet in bedrooms. So I am retrofitting my new construction bedrooms.

So my master bathroom is inside my bedroom, so I thought, lets arc fault protect the jacuzzi tub with an AFCI breaker. However it already has a GFCI breaker on it's dedicated line. So then I thought, I'll replace the outlet under the tub w/ a GFCI duplex, however it is a dedicated appliance circuit which should have a single and not a duplex outlet according to code (correct???). BTW, the outlet is accessed through a panel in the closet which leads underneath the tub, so that makes monthly testing anything in there about a 2 minute job with a screw driver (not so pretty).

So then I thought, I can add a single gang box with a no outlet GFCI in it in close proximity, but facing outward in the closet (add an old work box). But that would require an inspection, correct, because I would be technically modifying the wiring (adding 1 ft.) that was inspected and passed.

Is there an easy way out of this to get arc and ground fault protection? Or am I headed to see my township office for a permit? Or should I just live with the system as is? How much differential will trip a typical AFCI, do they at all act like GFCIs with a higher theshold?

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Nothing in your master bath needs AFCI protection. Only the bedroom itself needs to be on an arc fault breaker. GFCI protection is enough for your tub as it is. It would be okay to put the lights in the bath on an arc fault breaker, but I would leave any receptacles alone.
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Thanks, I have a tendency to get lost in rationalization. For my own knowledge, do you feel that there are problems with GFCI outlets on an AFCI (SD QO) breaker? (or am I reading far into your response)

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I agree. It is not code nor is it necessary.
GFI protection is enough.
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I have heard no indication that a GFCI receptacle on an AFCI circuit causes problems.
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Seems like I read somewhere (probably these forums) that combo AFCI/GFCI breakers will eventually be available...That would definately do the trick.
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All AFCI breakers off some GFCI protection too. Many only offer 30mA GFCI protection, but some offer 5mA protection, so you have to read the fine print. You need 5mA protection to satisfy any code that requires GFCI.

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