seperate circuits?


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seperate circuits?

If I was to take 12/3 romex wire and pig tail it to 12/2 romex wire(at the source of power), black to black & red, whites to whites,& grounds to ground, does this give me a seperate cirucit on the some line? When people talk about serperate ciruits what do they mean?
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What this gives you is nothing that you don't already have. It wastes 12-3 wire.

I believe you are thinking about a multi wire circuit. A multi wire circuit begins as 3 conductors (plus ground) at the panel. The black and red are connected to opposite sides of the incoming 240 volts. This yields 120 volts between the red and white and 120 volts between the black and white.

Unless you have a real need for a multi wire circuit, do not consider one. They are easy to mess up because they have special requirements. Wire it wrong and you have a potential fire hazard.
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When we say separate circuit, we normally mean something that doesn't compete for power with other things in the house. This means that it's attached to its very own breaker. Everything that draws power through one circuit breaker is on one circuit.

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