Running Wire through Wall


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Running Wire through Wall

I want to put a heated towel warmer in my bathroom. The model I am looking at comes with a 7 foot corded plug. Where I intend to put the warmer there isn't an outlet but on the other side of the wall is my wifes closet there is a GFCI Outlet that would work. My two options are 1 - create a pass through in the wall and just run the power cord through and plug it into the outlet. or 2 - wire an outlet on the other side pulling the power from the outlet from the closet. The only downside to this is the I would have to tear up some dry wall to do this, or I could run surface mount raceways for the wiring. Any thoughts from the experts out there.
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You cannot (within code) do either of these suggestions, assuming that this towel warmer is in the bathroom.

You cannot add a new receptacle in a bathroom that is tied to a bedroom circuit.

As for a "pass through" I am guessing that you would want to run the cord through the wall and then patch around it. This is no good, as the cord would be in the wall which is not allowed.

Either run a new circuit from the panel or attach to the current bathroom circuit.
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It might be that in your home like many here, your gfci in the wifes closet might be for lights in the bath itself...In our area we do this for a lot of shower lights and fans. I would think that you would be ok to run a wire from the gfci to one in the bath. I would either come off the line side of gfci and then put a gfci in the bath or come off the load side and put a standard duplex in the bath with a gfci protected lable on it. You are just adding an outlet so check with your local inspector and see what they have to say.

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Circuit is from the bathroom

I checked the circuit that is in the closet, it is actually the same as the Jacuzzi tub so it is a bathroom circuit. The house is newer construction, 5 years old. And if I did the pass through I was planning to put a box in and use pvc conduit through the wall as well as seal it on both ends so no moisture got into the wall.
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Most likely your jacuzzi tub requires its own dedicated circuit. Do not tap into this circuit.

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