Dryer blowing circuit breaker


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Dryer blowing circuit breaker


Problem began about four months ago when the electrical dryer in the carriage house apartment laundry room stopped working. It would spin, but no heat. I replaced a thermal switch on the dryer, and after that didn't work, we purchased a new machine.

My son and his friend were carrying the new machine in and they dropped it. When installing the new machine I hooked it up using the 220 cable from the old machine, and it ran but no heat.

We had a sears repairman come out, and he checked the machine with a multi meter and it was fine. he noticed that the circuit breaker was tripped and re-set it. He suggested we get a new cable, as there were signs of overheating at the prongs.

I installed the new cable today and it ran with heat, for awhile before tripping the circuit breaker. The cable is a six foot 30 amp model. Any suggestions?

BTW; I also posted this in appliances.
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First, inspect the circuit breaker that was reset. Is it a double-pole 30-amp breaker?

Next, shut that breaker off and pull the dryer receptacle out of the wall. Are all the connections good? Is there any sign of melting or scorching on the wires or receptacle?

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