GFI Breaker vs. Outlet


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GFI Breaker vs. Outlet

Whirlpool tub installation: why would it be a required to have a GFI BREAKER vs. a GFI outlet for the pump motor of a whirlpool tub ?
I would like to have an OUTLET instead so there is more convenience in RESETTING it at a location of my choice vs. the breaker box located in the basement.
Is there a code requirement for using a GFI breaker for this application ?
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Who says you need the GFCI breaker? I see no reason why a GFCI receptacle (or dead front) wouldn't be better. Are you reading the Whirlpool installation instructions? If so, can you quote them to us?
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What I do when I wire a jetted tub on a new house, is run a home-run from the panel to a box facing a closet that borders the tub if there is one. From there I jump to a box near the motor in the access area. At trim I put a faceless (no slots for plugs) GFI in the closet and a 20-amp single receptacle by the motor.

If you don't have a place to put the faceless GFI, you should probably use a GFI breaker. However I've gotten away with putting 15 amp GFIs in the access areas (still on a dedicated 20 amp circuit though).

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