Electrical Wiring Question


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Electrical Wiring Question

I am NOT an electrician.
I am a computer Programmer.
I have repaired and replaced outlets, switches,light fixtures and ceiling fans in the past. I have pulled Cat 5 cable, phone cable, TV cable, and puched them down, and terminated them extensively.
I am NOT an electrician.

I have a new workshop that has just completed construction.
I have bought the MC-Cable(12-2) Outlets, switches, and boxes to wire my shop with electricity. I want to pull all the cable, wire the outlets, switches and lights, then pay an electrician to check all the wiring, and do the final connections to the Breaker box.

I have a few questions...

1. I f I put a single GFCI outlet as the first outlet(closest o the Breaker Box) in each circuit, will that protect all the following outlets,switches, lights on that circuit?

2. Can I simply choose which of the 3 wires in the MC-Cable I want to be "hot", "Neutral", and "Ground", as long as I use that same color wire in the same way throught the entire installation?

3. How much "Extra" MC-Cable do I need to leave at the Breaker box end of the circuit, to make it easy for the Electrician to connect each circuit to the Breaker Box? 6 inches?, 1 foot?, 2 feet? ???
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1) Yes the GFI can protect anything located downstream from it if wired to the LOAD terminals.

2) No you cannot just pick a wire and choose to make it the hot or neutral. The black will be the HOT, the white is neutral and the green is the ground.

3) Allow enough wire to reach the opposite end of the panel, ie cables will go into the top of the panel, leave enough to reach the bottom or a little longer. Remember, a foot too long is ok, an inch too short is not.
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There is no reason to GFCI the power to the lights. I would imagine that you would rather GFCI the outlets. The main reason not to GCFI the lights would be if you trip the GFCI you will lose all lights. You would be best to run the lights off a seperate circuit or get power for the lights by comming off the line side of the GFCI not the load..use the load side for the outlets. In other words take your 12/2 mc to the switch then to the outlets and start your GFCI protection to all other outlets. Or take your mc to the first outlet and take a 12/2 from the line side of the GFCI and from the load you would continue to evrything else. Just some advice....TKITORLVIT. HAVE FUN

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Thank you both for your Help.
I Started Placing Boxes last night for the switches, outlets, and lights.
I haven't started the wiring yet.
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I want to pull all the cable, wire the outlets, switches and lights, then pay an electrician to check all the wiring, and do the final connections to the Breaker box.
Be aware that some electricians refuse to connect to the panel if they did not do the branch circuit wiring.....liability and all.

I'd strongly suggest you read at least one book on home wiring before you go any further.
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Mr Fixit eh,
Thank you, I have already talked to a local electrician/Electrical contractor.
The company that did all the electrical in my house when it was built. They said they would come out and do what I needed done for $65 and hour for 1 guy or $90 an hour for 2 guys. They said that if I was going to do any of the work the permit had to be in my name, not their name, or they wouldn't touch it. They also said that when they came out to do the final connections they would inspect the wiring I had done, and if it didn't meet their quality standards they would charge me a service call $75 and walk away.
So, I am trying to save money, and want to do it right so I can enjoy it for along time without having problems.
Thanks for the tips,
I bought a second book yesterday,(40th edition of "wiring Simplified")

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