Why did my breaker pop?


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Question Why did my breaker pop?

Maybe someone can help me with this one...I have a new house (6 months old) and I just added a new 15 Amp circuit in my breaker box for a few new receptacles in my workshop (plus one switched receptable for a light).

Last night when I turned off the switch for the light on my new circuit, one of the Arc detecting breakers popped in my breaker box (very strange as this is a totally different breaker/circuit). I tested each of the rnew eceptacles with a tester and each was fine.

Any thoughts on what I should check (perhaps something in the breaker box or maybe something in the box for the switch)???? one thing I did notice is that my new breaker is somewhat loose in the breaker box, yet it seems to be in place properly.

Any help would be great...thanks !!!
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I am concerned that perhaps you didn't install the correct breaker for your new circuit. Many breakers might fit, and some might even fit tightly, but you should only use ones approved by the manufacturer of your panel. Please verify that you installed a proper breaker.
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I am thinking that it might be an issue with the new breaker too..(mind you I did talk to the guy at Home Depot and I did get a Siemens breaker for a new Siemens box). I think I will take it back and ask to guy about it again...

any thoughts ???
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Did this only happen once, or does it happen frequently?
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and ask to guy about it again...
Not something I would do. The advice here is way more acurate than you will get from a home center employee.
I wonder as well if it will not reset or did it just trip the one time?
AFCI's are still notorious for nuisance tripping.

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