Relocating electrical panel


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Relocating electrical panel

Right now, my electrical panel is in my kitchen, right next to an entrance door. Directly on the outide of the house is the meter base. I have plans to replace the meter base this spring/summer (I have a 100 amp panel, the old meter base is for a 60 amp) and I was wondering how much work would be involve to move the panel to the laundry room. The laundry room is on the same side of the house as the kitchen, basically about 12 feet back. Would I need to totally rewire the house, or could I install new wire to the first place it goes? For instance, a bedroom directly above the laundry. Could I just run one new wire to the first outlet that feeds the room and keep using the old wiring that connects the rest of the outlet? Some of the things in the house I am planning on rewiring anyway, just to update and add outlets. I already did the laundry, and a br upstairs. Other things that would be too hard to get the wire to, could I put a junction in the crawl space above the kitchen to connect the new wire to? If I could do this with not a whole hell of a lot of work, I would like to upgrade the panel to 200amp. Thanks

edit: about the electrical inspection: would he basically be concerned about the panel, or would he want to inspect the whole house?
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It will be a lot of work, but you won't have to rewire the house. But it will so much work that you won't want to do it unless it's really, really important to you. The inspector will not be inspecting the existing wiring.
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Here's the deal. Eventually, I am going to remodel my kitchen and eliminate the door and put a window in its place. I would then like to put cabinets on the wall that the panel is now on. The only way I can do this, is to relocate the panel to the laundry. Plus I don't like having my panel in the kitchen in plain view.

So, could I use junction boxes in the crawl space to connect new wiring to some of the old wiring? I would use the same type and only if it is the 3 wire conductor.

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