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We are moving into a new warehouse and the panel currently has all 10amp breakers for all the receptacle outlets in the warehouse.

I want to change the 10amp breakers to 20amp breakers for receptacles, what needs to be done to do this?
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Well for a start you will need to make sure that the wiring is adequate for the load, and also you will need to change the recepticles to take the loads.
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Rewire all the circuits.

Are you sure they are 10-amp breakers? What country do you live in?
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I am in United States and I am sure they are 10amp. Is it expensive to have an electrician do?
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The rating of the circuit-breaker (C-B), not the ampacity of the circuit-conductors, determines the rating of a Branch-Circuit (B-C). A B-C wired with 20-amp conductors and protected by a 15-amp C-B is a 15-amp B-C.

The NEC requires "de-rating" of B-C conductors in certain commercial installations- a 20-amp conductor is "de-rated" to 15 amps when designing such circuits- #12 wire for a 15-amp load.

I mention this because it's possible the B-C conductors were #14 wire with an ampacity of 15 amps, and an inspector ruled that the #14 wire be "de-rated" to 10 amps.

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