Wiring a two speed spa motor BN37 Century 110V


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Wiring a two speed spa motor BN37 Century 110V

Hello all,

I am almost finished with all the connections related to wiring my Spa.
The Century pump I have really came with no directions. A simple schematic that makes no sense to me.

The pump is 115V and I have four wires coming from the control unit. Red, Black, White and Green. The green is a no brainer and it's on the ground plug.
Looking at the back of the pump there are three connections remaining. #2, which it say's is "Line". #3, which it say's is "High". And #4, which it say's is "Low.

After much googling, I can't find a wiring diagram at all for the back of this pump, and after all the time I have spent getting everything together, I don't want to burn anything up. :-)

I have read the black wire is for the "High" speed connection #3.
I have read the Red wire is for the "Slow" connection #4.
The only thing left is the "Line"connection. Is this for the white wire?

If anyone else has wired a 2 speed motor let me know this correct, beofore I fire it up.

Thanks in advance.

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What kind of switch turns this on and off? It should be a two-speed switch with three wires.

Are you sure that you are reading the markings correctly? I would expect a high, low and neutral rather than a high, low and line.
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Lightbulb The wiring maybe proprietary

John Nelson,

An Air button is what is connected to the controller via a small air hose, which in turn has a designated color cable with 4 wires in it that is to go to the pump.

Terminates with aluminum female connectors. The motor I have has a drawing on the case which I could attempt to do: (Should I replace those with Copper?)

2 ----------- Line

3 HIGH ------
4 LOW ------

In the controller manual it states:

HYDROxxxxxxxx utilizes the BLACK wire for the high speed and the RED wire for the low speed in Two-Speed pump. Keep this in mind when connecting a Two-Speed pump that has not been purchased with the system.

I'm one of those people that maybe thinks too much about things, but I do know this pump is a Two-Speed motor. This controller is a 240 unit that steps everything down. Perhaps the connections are proprietary to the makers of the equip.

I'm a computer network type person, and standard wiring greatly keeps things some what simple. :-) The pump is separate fromthe controller. Looked like he had multiple pumps of 1.5hp he had bought in quantity.

I'll keep searching.


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So how do you know that this is a 120-volt pump rather than a 240-volt pump?

By the way, I highly doubt the connectors are aluminum. Are you assuming this because they are silverish in color? In any event, don't replace them.

The answer is almost certainly going to be the one you originally guessed--that the #2 connection is for the neutral (white) wire. But when in doubt, call the manufacturer.
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Pump voltage

ThHe pump has a label which states it is 115V.
I had inquired about the voltage difference, but the controller is the unit which steps downs the current to the optional 4 things that can be attached to the controller.

I'm going to fire it up this afternoon.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks JN

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