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I have a main CB panel rated 150 amps in the basement and a CB sub-panel in a detached garage rated 100 amps. I now want to finish the second floor of the house with a bedroom, bath and office. Can I install a second CB sub-panel on the second floor to simplify the wiring? If so, how large can it be?

I believe the garage sub-panel is oversize for the loads. If so, can it's capacity be reduced with a smaller main CB to allow for the second floor sub-panel.

Or will I have to upgrade the main panel to handle the two sub-panels?
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You can install as many subpanels you want of any size you want. It matters not a bit that the garage subpanel is a 100-amp subpanel. The only thing you need to watch out for is overloading the 150 amp service you have. That depends on how many square feet you are serving and whether your major appliances are gas or electric. It does not depend on the number or sizes of the subpanels, or on the number or sizes of the circuits.
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your sub-panel(s) feed should never exceed the size (in amps) of the panel from which it is fed. in other words, with a 150a main service, you can put as many sub-panels as you like, but none of them (individually) that are fed from the main panel should exceed 150a. any sub-panel(s) fed from your existing sub-panel should not exceed 100a.

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