100 amp sub Panel


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100 amp sub Panel

Hello, I was told by my local distributor that I needed to add a 100 amp sub panel for a friends remodel work. I can agree with him but I am concerned with adding a 100amp sub to a 100amp main panel. Is it ok to do this?
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None of the information you have provided would indicate a problem. But there still could be other reasons why it might. One concern would be whether 100-amp service is still enough after the remodel. This might depend on how many square feet are being added, and what new power consumers are being added. For example, if the remodel includes something like central air conditioning, a hot tub, a second kitchen or a significant increase in square footage, you should have a new demand load calculation done.
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I can think of no reason that you would need a 100 amp sub panel for a remodel, unless you are adding a very large number of circuits. If you are adding a large number of circuits then you may need to increase the incoming service to your home.

By the way, don't do your friend's remodel unless you are a licensed electrician. To do so violates code in most places, and you are putting yourself at great legal risk by doing so.
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acutally, my father when i help him remodel the kitchen, he had a friend come over and check it, who was a electriction, and then he called the inspector, and as long as everything is hooked up correctly, and no violations, and you're clear... but that is here in NC, Durham County.

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