Need Help with Garage outlet GFI wiring


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Need Help with Garage outlet GFI wiring

I was replacing a very old cracked non gfi outlet in the garage with a GFI recepticle and I don't think I have wired it back correctly. It keeps indicating an open hot, when I use my 3 prong tester.

The outlet in the metal box, I am replacing, in addition serves as a junction box for a total of 5 wires all 12-2.

Wire 1: Goes to the sevice panel 20 amp service (W1).
Wire 2: Goes to a single light switch (W2)
Wire 3: Goes to an outlet on the wall (W3)
Wire 4: Goes to an outlet in the ceiling for the garage door opener (W4)
Wire 5: Goes to the light fixture (W5)

I thought that I remembered how to connect all the wire back correctly, but obviously I am doing something wrong.

Here is what I remember and also how I reconnected the wires

Copper grounds: All the copper ground are twisted together, with 2 pigtails, 1 grounding the box, the other to the GFI recepticle (box was not grounded before)

White Wires: The service panel line (W1), Light Fixture (W5), Garage door outlet in ceiling (W4), are twisted and pigtail goes to the outlet.

Black Wires: The black wire from the light switch (W2) and the light fixture (W5) have been twisted and connected seperately.

The black wire from the service panel (W1), the garage door recepticle in the ceiling (W4) have been twisted together, with THE WHITE WIRE FROM THE LIGHT SWITCH (W2) a then a pigtail was run to the outlet.

I ran the wall outlet from the load terminals on the GFI recepticle.

Any help would be really appreciated!

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This sounds correct.

Verify your work. Make certain that you have properly identified the LINE and LOAD terminals of the GFCI receptacle. Those terminals MAY be different from other GFCI receptacles.

If this doesn't work then disconnect everything (except the grounds) and start over.

Connect the black and white of W1 to the GFCI receptacle line terminals and verify that this works.

Add in the wires of W4 (also to the line side) and verify that everything still works.

Add in the wires of the switch and the light, and verify that everything still works.

Finally, add in the extra receptacle to the load side and verify that everything works.

In other words, go one step at a time, verifying ALL your work after each step.

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