sub panel ground question


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sub panel ground question

I am planning on installing a 60 amp sub panel off my 150 amp main panel. I am using three 6 wire with a gound wire. The ground wire is about a size 10. On my 150 amp main panel the common and ground are bonded to the case with the green screw. The common wires and the ground wires (from recepticals etc) are on the same common bar in the main panel. I understand that I do not bond the sub panel comon and ground. My question is the ground wire from my sub panel goes where at my main panel. Think it goes onto the bonded common bar in the main panel.

Thanks for any help
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The ground between panels (the ECG) can go anywhere any branch circuit ground can go in your main panel. I.e., on the common bar.

Everything else sounds fine as long as the EGC is really #10, and not just something that "is about a size 10". Install a grounding rod for your subpanel if and only if the subpanel is in a different structure from the main panel.

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