changing 60 amp service to 100 amp service


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Question changing 60 amp service to 100 amp service

I recently purchased an older home it has 60 amp service and needs to be changed to 100 amp service I have 60 days to do this at homeowners insurance . Is this something I can do myself or does it require an electrician and if it does does anyone know how much this would cost.
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Unless you are VERY familiar with doing electrical work, this is one best left for the pros. In fact local codes may prohibit anyone other than a licensed electrician from doing this type of job. It might also be determined that the drop from the pole also needs to be upgraded, as well as the meter base and service entrance cable.
As fas as costs go, get three estimates from three electricians. I don't believe we are supposed to discuss $ here
Good luck!
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Normal would be $1200 to $2000 if there is nothing unusual about the job. You should do a load calc and make sure 100 is enough. It is cheap now to get 150 or 200 amp.
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Thank you for your help I will contact a qualified electrician
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Several years ago I upgraded my own service from 60 amp fuses to 150 amp/30-space breaker panel. (Local ordinances allow a homeowner to do their own electric, with permit & inspection required, which I got.) New meter can required, new service entrance cable (from utility drop @ weatherhead to new outdoor meter can), new ground rods, etc. I am very familiar with electrical installation and the NEC, so I was able to do it and pass inspection. I spent about $800 - $900, and it took me about 2 weeks in my spare time. It was really hard work, but supremely rewarding. When I finished I learned that my brother had his upgraded to 100 amp/20-space for about $950 and it was finished the second day. He called it "the best nine hundred bucks I ever spent". You decide.

Also, for a relatively small amount extra I would seriously consider 150 amp/30-space panel. 100 amp is the NEC minimum, and there have been waaaay too many stories in this forum about folks running out of space in their panel once they start thinking about all the really neat projects they can do. If upgrading the kitchens and bathrooms later, you'll need the extra space to come up to present Code. Adding a family room, or finishing the basement? You'll need extra space and capacity.

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As another side not to Juice's post. I would consider 200 amps instead. The differnce between that and 100 amps is a couple hundred $ at most and the difference between 150 and 200 is almost negligible.
Truly no offense intended Juice, but IMO 150 amps is a useless service size.
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No offence taken, Speedy. In my case, I had a 120 year old, 1500 square foot home with a 60 amp fuse box. It originally powerd an electric range, electric hot water, and an electric dryer. The home had gas heat. Even though NatGas service was at the house. I tossed the electric range and HW and replaced with gas, dramatically reducing my electrical demand. In my opinion, at the time, 150 was clearly overkill. Given the size of the house, even with a future addition, a pool or spa or both, I could never conceivably utilize all 150 amps.

However, this is now my ex's problem. For my next house, should I require a service upgrade, I have been sufficiently influenced by your post advice, and would go straight to 200 amps and not pass "Go".


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