Fading Circuits


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Fading Circuits

I just bought a place about 30 yrs old, no ground wire in the lines, and only a 100 amp panel. I put in 100W bulbs in the light fixtures and here's what's happening: I had three ceiling lights in three separate rooms on, and then after a while all three went out on their own, at the same time, with no switch touched by me. Later, they came back on, again on their own. This appears to be the routine since it has happened several times, even with only one or two of the lights selected on. It also happened with one light burning on a separate circuit. So what's going on? Loose wire, bad circuit breaker? Is there any way to do a system test? Thanks.
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Sounds like a loose wire somewhere on the circuit.
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Thanks, joed, I would really, really, like it to be something so simple. Tractor
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Most ceiling fixtures do not support 100-watt bulbs, and even if they did, it would be generally unwise to use them on 30-year-old wiring. I strongly suggest you change all the 100-watt bulbs with no more than 60-watt bulbs.

If these are can lights, it's certainly the thermal protect that is shutting these lights off. Even if they are not can lights, it might still be a thermal protector.

Avoid a fire. Change the bulbs (unless the fixture is explicitly marked as supporting 100-watt bulbs).
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John, thanks for the input. I'll stop using the 100-watt bulbs. After using 60-watt bulbs and checking for loose wires and it's still happening, I'll post another question to try and track down the problem. No, they aren't can lights, just the cheap things you can get at Home Depot that usually are round-based fixtures with a glass globe type thing to cover the bulb.

I'm glad I found this forum and plan to use it frequently. I hope I can also provide some input for others in areas (not electrics) that I do have some knowledge. Steve

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