Need help with old wiring questions


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Need help with old wiring questions

I have an old house with a light circuit that goes from the panel box into a crawl space under the house, then about forty feet from the entry into the crawl space it goes up through the floor into a wall cavity and then to the ceiling (flat roof) where is services nine lights. The original owner had other stuff on that circuit (outlets) which I removed and put on its own breaker with new wire. I am left with patched older wire for the lights.

I want to remove the older wire from the breaker to the spot where it goes up from the crawl space into the floor, wall, ceiling etc. I want to put a junction box on the joist at that spot. I want to run a single 14/2 with ground new romex from the panel box to that junction box so I can eliminate all the old junction boxes and breaks where it used to branch to the outlets.

This would mean that new wire connects to the old and that the ground of the new wire has no ground to join to because the old wire had no ground.

I cannot replace the light circuit wire in the ceiling without ripping out a plaster ceiling in all the rooms with these ceiling lights. This is an expense I cannot afford.

Can I run that new 14/2 w/ground romex to the junction box to join the old wire?

Remember, the old wire has no ground.

Is there ANY way of grounding the old wire (Triangle "Glazon Thermo Triex" 600V 14/2 Non-metallic sheathed cable) running through the ceiling. It is not in metal conduit, but runs through holes in studs and rafters and is stapled.

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I would run your new 14/2 romex from the panel to your juntion box. Bond the ground to the juntion box with a ground screw and leave it there for any future use. It sould be fine.
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I believe that technically you need to bring the circuit up to date completely if you work on part of it.

However, I would not let this stop me from making the change you have suggested. You can always finish the rest at a later date.

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