water heater and my curcuit breaker


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Exclamation water heater and my curcuit breaker

Water heater was warm for about a minute and then turned cold. The circuit breaker keeps shutting off. What could be the problem? I have replaced both thermostats in the electric water heater (top and bottom). The bottom element is still heating and it should have turned off by now. I have the temperature set at 125. When I checked the temperature from a faucet it shows it to be 150...as I stated above, both thermostats have just been replaced today. Any suggestions to find the problem or how to fix this problem? I am just beating my head against a wall and sure could use some advice. Thanks.

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sarahmyk9, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
I am confused. You said the circuit breaker keeps shutting off but then said the temp went to 150.
I am moving this post to elecrical as I think this is where your problem lies. Good luck.
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I don't think there's enough information here. (1) How have you determined that the lower element is still heating? (2) As Majakdragon said, how can the water be 150 degrees when the breaker keeps tripping? (3) a tripping breaker can often be the result of a bad element. Sometimes they split wide open inside the tank and the water comes into contact with the live element. A resistance (ohm) test can detect a bad element. I can't think of anything else without more info.

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I'm going to say you have a bad element, either the upper or lower.
The water may be heating with one element, and at some point, the other kicks on and that's when the breaker trips.

Also, don't rely on the printed temp of a thermostat. The only way to really tell is to set it, wait 24 hrs and then measure the temp of the water coming out, and then adjust slightly as needed, wait 24 hrs and measure it again..

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