ceiling fan wiring HELP!


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Question ceiling fan wiring HELP!

I'm trying to install a Hampton Bay Sidewinder Fan. My wall outlet has two switches (one for the fixture where I want to put my fan and one to a different light in the other room). My fan has a light and a wall transmitter.
There is a black wire connected to the switch I want to use. That switch has another black wire linking over to the other switch. There is also a red wire connected to the switch I want to use. No red connected to the other switch. The transmitter has two black wires and a ground.
The fan/light has a transmitter that goes in the ceiling fan. This has a black wire,blue wire and a white wire. All 3 are supposed to hook up to the fan/light wires. This all connects easily. My problem is the Input on the transmitter has only a black wire and a white wire. My ceiling outlet has a black wire, a white wire and a red wire. Where do I connect the wires.
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Two questions, What was there before?

Is/was this controlled from two or more wall switches? I ask because the red wire could be part of a three-way light circuit or serve another purpose, such as a switched recepticle.

**The advice below assumes that the house was pre-wired for a ceiling fan/light combo and is only controlled from one wall switch.**

If you have a test light, restore power,then carefully test the black/white for power and then the red/white. One of these should light up your tester, that's the pair you want to use for the remote.

Try connecting the red and white wires to your remote. This should give it constant power. Cap off the black wire, just leave it disconnected.

Hope this helps!
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No problem.

At the ceiling, cap off the black wire from the ceiling and do not use it.

Connect the red from the ceiling to the black from the receiver (it's a receiver, not a transmitter). Connect white to white.

At the wall, connect the two black wires connected to the old switch to the same black wire from your transmitter. Connect the red wire to the other black wire from your transmitter.

This should work, but if it doesn't, then tell us what the instructions say (always a last resort).

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